Bravado Appraisal Group is a residential real estate appraisal firm serving the Phoenix Metro area.  We offer the following services to our clients:

Single Family Residential (Form 1004)

$0 - 500,000


Condominium (Form 1073)

$501,000 - 700,000



$701,000 – 1,000,000



$1,000,001 or above

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Multi-Family (2-4 Units)






Exterior Inspections (Forms 2055, 2065, 704)





Exterior Inspections (Forms 2070, 2075)





Vacant Land Appraisals






Update Appraisal (formerly “Recertification”)





Rental Survey & Operating Income Statement
(Forms 1007 & 216)





Appraisal Reviews



Desk Review


Desk Review Enhanced with 2 additional sales


Field Review



Field Review Enhanced with 2 additional sales





Final Inspection or any re-inspection assignment


*FEES FOR APPRAISALS ARE IN NO WAY CONTINGENT ON FINAL VALUATION OF PROPERTY. The above tiered schedule is an estimate only. Fees are always a function of the amount of time committed to complete assignment based on “standard” evaluation. Complex properties are typically quoted on a individual basis. Please call 480-695-7069 for complex property quote. Bravado Appraisal Group, LLC reserves the right to quote a higher fee on custom properties including, but not limited to estate, golf course, waterfront, manufactured home, ˝ acre or larger, atypical home, etc. Clients with always be advised of fee increases as to be approved prior to assignment commencement.


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